What is Rock Solid?
Rock Solid is a weekly club programme for year 6, 7, 8 & 9 students.
Rock Solid Youth Trust is an interdenominational Christian mission organisation to youth.

What Happens at a Rock Solid Club?
The programme begins with games, then moves into teaching life skills (through  discussion, quizzes & role plays) such as “how to make friends”, “how to be a better family member” etc. It also deals with relevant issues facing the students today such as loneliness, the future, self esteem, relationships, bullying,  etc.  A short “thought for the week” sums up the night with a Biblical perspective on the topic.

How is Rock Solid Supervised?
Each Rock Solid club is run by a volunteer team of parents and young adults.  These volunteers are supervised by full time staff members trained in the essentials of programming to youth.

 (25+ Years experience in working alongside youth at Rock Solid)

Why run a Rock Solid Club?
We believe that early adolescence is a very important time in the life of a young person.  Their physical & emotional changes create many pressures.  Rock Solid clubs help these young people  develop important life skills to better equip them to handle the struggles of teenage years.

About Rock Solid
Young People are getting a lot of bad press these days. Rock Solid Youth Trust will do what ever it takes to get alongside and help out where ever we can.

Why we do camps?
Young People need to be challenged in all aspects of their life. So with outdoors activities, challengers, team work, and working with leaders we hope to have input into there physical, mental, social and spiritual areas of there life looking at the whole person. On a week camp we really get to know a young person and what he or she struggles with.

Why do we run weekly youth programmes?
The only way you can make a difference is to be able to work with a young person weekly. That’s why Rock Solid club exists to help make solid foundations in a young person life. To help them through the turbulent teenage years.

How do we survive financially?
We totally survive off donations from friends, family, Trusts, churches and businesses. We know that we cant possibly survive just on donations so we apply for the odd grant  and very generously supported by Northland and NZ businesses. This helps us with our youth work around Northland. Our full-time volunteers have to raise there own support from friends and family. If you are interested in helping us out financially either for Staff support or our $25 month backbone club.

Over 50 years of youth research by the Search Institute [1] has proven 40 key assets for positive youth development. Of these six are related to positive values and spirituality. We are a non-denominational Christian organisation and this is reflected in our values and approach, but does not limit who we work with.

A Safe, Non-judgemental Space
We want to create a safe, non-judgemental relational space where young people feel loved, included and accepted, yet are able to explore life values and grow.

[1] The Search Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to youth development research and resources, www.search-institute.org


Rock Solid Youth Trust is an interdenominational mission organisation.


Rock Solid was started in Northland by Youth for Christ in 1992. Here’s some history
In the late 1980’s, YFC made another strategic shift when it became obvious that the issues and experiences of high school young people in the pre-1980’s were the issues and experiences of intermediate school young people in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Rock Solid was born as a community based club project for intermediate school young people involving fun, food, friendship and bible based skills for handling life issues.

In 2011 Rock Solid was moved to the newly formed Youth Zone Northland Trust (Formerly known as YFC Northland Inc) then in 2019 renamed as the Rock Solid Youth Trust to better reflect our main work Rock Solid Clubs.

Rock Solid Youth Trust contact details:
PO Box 1450, Whangarei