updated: 12/02/2024

Dear Parents / Caregivers,
2024 is here. We are ready….Are you ready?
Rock Solid Clubs are ready to go


Rock Solid invites you to join us for a brand new year. We are starting on…
Tuesday 20th February.
5.30pm – 8.30pm (meet at 202 Bank Street)

Cost $3
We are going to the lovely Whangaumu Bay (Wellingtons Bay)

We firstly are launching into the year with a trip to the beach. Since the weather has been amazingly hot we are going to make the most of it.
BRING: Togs (something to swim in) towel, and change of warm clothes.
(Have a light dinner or snack before you come)
TEXT SCOTTIE: Please let Scottie know you are wanting to come to the beach with us next week so we have enough transport. Scottie 021 782 547
And of course you can invite a friend or have you got a younger brother or sister that’s School Years 6, 7, 8 or 9. (10-14 years old)

Rock Solid will be operating every Tuesday night from next week till the end of the school term.


eCAMP    eCAMP 2024  eCAMP 2024   eCAMP 2024  eCAMP 2024   eCAMP 2024

eCAMP this year is 29 March to 1st April (it is coming up fast)
If you don’t know what eCamp is… please look at this eCAMP promo video.

Rock Solid is planning to join in with the 900 intermediate aged young people (School Years 7, 8 & 9) Sorry no year 6’s on this one 🙁 Next year when your year 7)

Rock Solid Youth Clubs will transport everyone down in our vans and we will stay in the tent town. The kids will be very well supervised by our team. (Rock Solid will organise tents) eCAMP is simply one of the best camps I have been involved in that caters for Intermediate age students (School years 7 – 9) With honestly soooo much really cool stuff to do. The kids we take always say it’s the highlight of the year.
Normally we get to promote eCamp at Rock Solid but the timings of Easter this year are working against us. So hopefully I can get as much info as possible to you now.

This years eCAMP brochure they made looks like this

eCamp has an early bird price of $205 with a cut off date of 25th February. We  need you to get the signed permission slip to us by this cut off date of 25/02/2024.

But….I have created an online version so we can get details quicker.
As we need to secure the cheaper price for camp really soon.
BUT if you prefer to print out and cut off the registration form fill (link above) out and sign you can drop off to us on 20th Feb next week at Rock Solid. We will also have paper versions for parents to fill out and sign this Tuesday. (Before or after Rock Solid) Otherwise fill out online link.
PLEASE DO NOT PAY YET. We just need the eCAMP registration before the cutoff date. Latest we can receive is 25th Feb 12 noon.
After this date they will be charging the normal price of $225 fee
I will have more info & details about eCAMP on our Rock Solid website
Rock Solid will be covering the transport cost to get to eCAMP with donations from the community. So we don’t need to add this to the fee of eCAMP $205.
I realise eCAMP has had to increase their costs up to $205. Rock Solid’s policy is we never want keen kids to miss out because of cost. We will find a way to help cover costs through people willing to help in our community. We will however require you to pay something though. Have a chat with Scottie. Even our adult leaders and helpers have to pay the same price.
IMPORTANT: To Register your CHILD for eCAMP click this LINK
(fill out before 12 noon 25/02/2024) NO PAYMENT REQUIRED YET
Once registered we then will email out a packing list etc of what to bring to camp. And instructions for paying for camp.


High School age young people (Year 10 up)
If your young person is too old for Rock Solid now (ie year 10 and up). Please let Scottie know we can help find an older youth group for your young person to join.
Scott and Renate Slykerman (Jesse, Anya and Toby)
Rock Solid Youth Trust – Rock Solid weekly youth Clubs, Camps & Holiday Programmes
“Giving  young people a chance to Shine”
021 782547

“Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.”
Ephesians 4:29